How do the Neighbourhoods of The Greater Kelowna Area rank in terms of 5-year Average Price Growth

For most of us, the area where we choose to live, is budget driven. You scour the listings, tour the neighbourhoods and work closely with your Realtor and Mortgage Broker, and in the end, you find the perfect home in the perfect area. Whether you purchased recently or several years ago (the national average amount of time spent in a property is 5 years) wouldn’t it be great to know where your neighbourhood ranks in terms of the growth in Average Prices over the last 5 years?

So, just where does your area rank in terms of Average Price Growth over the last 5 Years? Below is the list of areas in the Greater Kelowna Area ranked in order of highest to lowest overall average price performance. Keep in mind that the analysis included all property types. The mix of property types will make a difference as will the uniformity of property types. For example, an area can be more heavily weighted towards Single Family versus an area that is better known for multi-family developments. The same goes for areas with a larger composition of leased land versus freehold properties. And areas that are expanding through new construction versus those that are older and more well established. Within each sub-area, there will be vast differences in Average Price appreciation depending on the specifics of any given property.  

McKinley 92%
Black Mountain 73%
Wilden 59%
Crawford Estates 53%
Ellison 51%
Lakeview Heights 49%
Southeast Kelowna 48%
Dilworth Mountain 40%
Springfield/Spall 39%
Joe Rich 39%
Kelowna South 38%
Westbank Centre 34%
Upper Mission 34%
West Kelowna Estates 33%
Lower Mission 33%
Rutland South 28%
North Glenmore 28%
Kelowna North 27%
Shannon Lake 26%
Glenrosa 26%
Rutland North 24%
Glenmore 21%
Kettle Valley 17%
University District 13%
Smith Creek 10%